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Why do we utilize QuickBooks Online?


The QuickBooks Online Edition is as user friendly as the desk top version, but provides additional advantages. You are able to access your information from anywhere you can connect to the Internet- you are not limited to one computer. The exchange of information is simple- no need to send back up files, we can access updated information simultaneously. This means we can also be working in QBs at the same time. Also, QuickBooks Online automatically upgrades the most current features as soon as they become available- you will never need to buy a newer version.



How does World Class Financial Services get your information into QuickBooks Online edition?


  • If you are currently a QuickBooks user, we will upload your information from a QB back up file. The process is easy and will take a matter of minutes to complete.
  • If you are NOT currently a QuickBooks user, we will use a copy of your most current financial statements to enter your company information directly into QuickBooks Online.



Is switching financial services to WCFS difficult?


Making the change to WCFS is an easy process. We will setup your QuickBooks company and either upload an existing QuickBooks file or utilize current financials or tax returns to establish your company information. We will provide any necessary training or assistance with QuickBooks Online Edition. WCFS will work closely with you and your tax accountant to ensure a smooth transition.


What information will World Class Financial Services need in order to complete the financial statements on a monthly basis?


Below is a sample/checklist of the information needed to complete the financial statements on a monthly basis.


  • Salon Software Reports
  • Gift Certificate Sales Summary
  • Gift Certificates Redeemed (including the dollar amount of redeemed expired for tracking purposes)
  • Gift Certificates Expired (if applicable)
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Open Sales Series – this report is time sensitive (i.e., you cannot specify a date range)
  • Sales Summary for the month
  • Customer List with a Balance
  • Inventory Adjustment Summary for the month
  • Weekly Balance Sheets (Sales and Payment) by week


  • Other Reports
  • Payroll Journals
  • Bank Statement(s)
  • Visa/MasterCard Merchant Statement
  • AMX Merchant Statement
  • Discover Merchant Statement
  • Credit Card Statements (AMX, Citibank, etc. . .)
  • Loan Statements


  • Miscellaneous
  • All fixed asset invoices & receipts
  • Leasehold Improvement invoices & receipts



Are there any challenges if my salon or spa is not located in your area?


WCFS works with salons and spas in many different regions. Working remotely is simplified with the QuickBooks Online Edition - we access all of your information online. Exchanging monthly information can be done via e-mail, fax or regular mail. We have found that the paperless option is convenient and works well for most customers. We will tailor this process to meet your individual needs. We are always available by phone or e-mail and schedule visits with our customers as needed.



Does World Class Financial Services process payroll?


We provide a service that will assist you in organizing and inputting payroll information, however we complete the process using a payroll company of your choice-recommendations available upon request. We can also complete payroll using the QuickBooks Online payroll function.



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