World Class Financial Services is a true business partner to Fourteenjay. Receiving our benchmarked financials every month, reviewing our results and developing a regular forecasting discipline have made all the difference in our results. Having a financial partner that knows the salon business means that we can spend 100% of our time working on developing our team and growing our business. We also use World Class for payroll and bill paying services, too. We can’t say enough good things about the service and support they provide. Working with World Class is the BEST business decision we have ever made!

Virginia Meyer
Co-owner, Fourteenjay Salon, New York, NY

WCFS cut our accounting costs by more than half while improving timeliness and accuracy. WCFS does a wide range of services from payroll to monthly financial statements which include benchmarks and everything in between. I am a founder of Landis Lifestyles Salons (the highest-grossing Aveda salon in the state of Utah), a finance major, and entrepreneur. In my experience, I have encountered few financial services companies that can cut costs while improving quality and turnaround times. WCFS is one of those rare performers. In addition, the entire staff, especially Kim Jackson, is responsive and a true pleasure to work with. WCFS, in short, has personally improved my quality of life. WCFS’s efficiency and accuracy has given me more personal time, and time for other projects because I can now count on timely, accurate information and reports that allow me to make faster and better decisions.

Richard Surber
Founder, Landis Lifestyle Salons, Salt Lake City, UT

What’s the secret to our success? Okay, I’ll let you in on it…it’s Kim Jackson at World Class Financial. She’s just as important a part of our team as our stylists and our managers. She is a valuable resource for interpretation of our financials, answers my many questions with patience and is an expert on what we do in our salon. From monthly reports, to calculating our ERC and filing our PPP forgiveness applications…if it has a number on it, I can send it to Kim at WCFS and she handles it…beautifully.

Karie Bennett
Owner, Atelier Studio, San Jose, CA

Virtual bookkeeping was something I was not quite comfortable with. I have always had a bookkeeper come into our salon. I realized as our company kept growing that I needed someone very specific to our industry and someone that understood the nuances of salons. A trusted friend, Neil Ducoff, recommended World Class Financial Services. Our reports are very timely and accurate. Kim, our bookkeeper, is available as if she were in our office. Getting a timely answer and response to a situation or a need is one of their greatest strengths and an important part of doing business together. I consider World Class a trusted partner in my business.

Lisa Cochran
Owner, Studio R3, Laurel, MS

I was originally introduced to WCFS by TSP while attending Business Academy, while at the time performing all financial items myself. I knew how important it was to have an accountant and payroll solution that knows and participates in our industry. My hope was to have less admin time and more team development time and we received that and so much more!

Upon meeting with WCFS, I felt informed about their services and the value they bring. My representative, Kim, has been there to help offer solutions, especially during the pandemic. Navigating the PPP, government grants, and COVID compensation, was so much easier with their assistance. All members of the WCFS team are open, friendly and offer explanations with kindness and patience.

Since partnering with WCFS, we are financially profitable and have shown an increase steadily over the last couple of years, which is a direct reflection of allowing myself and the leadership team to be on the floor with our team and guests. I sleep better at night and appreciate the extra set of eyes looking at our spending and offering insight. I look forward to our conversations and always feel heard and important. They are worth every penny!

Patricia Uiterwyk
Owner, Venue Salon, Lakeland, FL

World Class Financial is hands down one of the best investments we continue to make year after year. Jessica couldn’t have made applying for PPP any easier. They held our hands through the entire process and made sure we had all of our ducks in a row.

We’ve also been able to achieve getting our benchmarks under control like backbar and supplies. We have nothing but wonderful things to say about WCF and will continue to recommend them.

Tricia Rivas
Owner, Trixies Salon & Spa, Des Moines, IA

Jess P and the team are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the salon industry. I went through three bookkeepers before finding them and I’m so glad I did. If you are looking to switch, I highly recommend WFCS!

Sarah Hawkins
Owner, Rituals Spa, Leominster, MA

We have had a relationship with World Class Financial Services for over 20 years and, during that time, have received excellent financial services. The team has consistently provided reliable insight and guidance for the salon resulting in us viewing them as a trusted business partner. World Class Financial Services handles all of our monthly accounting, payroll and end-of-year tax prep—without them we would have to hire a full-time employee. Their combination of expertise, client service and value is hard to beat.

Louie Lago
Owner, Berencies Salon, Denver, CO

We’ve been with World Class Financial for over 20 years—some say we were their very first client!! When our business started we used a local CPA and while he was good, he didn’t understand our business. We asked for benchmark reporting which was a new term for our industry back then and he couldn’t wrap his head around it. Because I used to work for Jim, of course I went to him for help and he offered his team’s services. We’ve never looked back. I feel fortunate to have World Class Financial and the services they offer. Jessica and her team are an incredible part of our organization, I wouldn’t want to have anyone else mind by books!

Stefanie Palko
President/Owner, Copperfalls Spa and Salon, Castle Rock, CO

Even though we are 1,665 miles apart, you would think World Class Financial Services was working on-location with Tulip Salon & Spa. We’ve had a professional relationship for 12 years, receiving invaluable advice and guidance. They go above and beyond in promptly responding to inquiries and providing monthly reporting with timely performance highlights. We partnered with WCFS at the beginning of our venture into the beauty industry as they were recognized as the industry experts. They have not disappointed!

Ralph & Priscilla Priebe
Owners, Tulip Salon & Spa, Fredericksburg, VA